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Skinminx Disposable Makeup Mixing Palette

A Makeup palette is an essential makeup tool for makeup users and makeup artists alike. The first cardinal rule when it comes to working in Makeup is always hygiene. This means clean hands, clean brushes, no double dipping and no direct application. We have tool sanitizers and brush cleaners, but what do you do to prevent no direct application from the product to your face or any bacteria transferring from someone else’s skin to your face?

Dr. Whitney Bowe, a NYC-based dermatologist warned that department store makeup testers have been found to harbor bacteria, including strep, E. coli and staph, which can cause a skin infection called impetigo.

“You never know which makeup products can become contaminated with germs (or) bacteria as we all harbor bacteria on our skin,” Bowe told the TODAY Style website in an email. “Never share anything that comes into direct contact with another person’s skin or mucus membranes.”

This is where a disposable makeup palette like Skinminx comes in handy. It will allow you to pour your makeup directly onto the clean surface of the makeup palette, mix, dab and apply it to your face. What makes the simple yet unique patent pending design of Skinminx so cool, is that you simply toss the used palette into the bin when done. No cleaning your hands, changing clothes or having to wipe down non-disposable palettes.


Skinminx LLC proudly announced their SkinMinx® Disposable Makeup palette.  The transparent makeup mixing palette allows you to pour, mix, and apply your makeup and discard it immediately. Skinminx is the perfect hygienic surface to mix and match your color. It also allows you to control the amount of makeup you’re using without any messy drips.

The palette and packaging are environmentally friendly and made of PET plastic that is recognized as a safe, non-toxic, lightweight and flexible material that is 100% recyclable. The unique patent-pending design of the Skinminx Disposable Makeup Palette allows you to easily and hygienically transfer and apply your makeup from a clean, disposable surface. Furthermore, skinminx is safe to use because you are not exposed to the risk of cross-contamination between a bacteria-ridden surface and your face.

Skinminx comes with 40 clear sheets in a compact size box. It’s small and light enough to pop into your makeup bag  for easy access. The transparent sheet and ease of use make it the perfect tool to test color or match makeup without having to remove your makeup. You can simply apply the makeup onto the Skinminx palette then hold it up to your skin to see how the color matches your skin tone. Show swatches of makeup without worrying about it getting on your skin.

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